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As music budgets consistently shrink, what’s a production company to do?
Use a somewhat generic music library and sift through thousands of mp3’s hoping to find a few minutes that kind-of work? Or somehow budget multiple thousands of dollars to hire a composer?

Made To Order Music falls between those two options:
We’ll compose to your specific needs, generally in a few days, for less than a typical composer’s fee,

and much more personalized than a music library. We even offer a licensing option to work within your budget.

Our network of working composers, musicians, and producers are eager to help get the music you need. We want to give you exactly what you want at a reasonable price. Our musical genres range from Alternative to Zydeco, and everything between.

About us...

The best way to start:

• Email us a description and time frame for your project

• Email any mp3s of temp tracks you may have in mind - this way, we’re speaking the same language

• We’ll quote you a price and turnaround

Made To Order Music works directly from the audio/video media files you upload to us, or simply based on descriptions of what your project needs. A 50% deposit gets the ball rolling with the remaining 50% due upon delivery. We will even give you one revision, if needed.

Take advantage of our 20+ years in the music business and our numerous contacts. MTOM wants you to get exactly what your project requires without having to take out a 2nd mortgage or settling for generic or recycled library music.

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