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Emmy® Award winning composer Damon Stout created Made To Order Music (MTOM) after recognizeng a need for an affordable custom production music provider to bridge the gap between high-budgeted composers and cheaper but somewhat generic music library services.

By tapping into the numerous producers, musicians, and bands in and around Los Angeles, MTOM can offer unique and comprehensive musical services that meet the variety of production needs that arise.

Damon Stout has written, performed, and produced music for over 20 years in a wide variety of musical genres, as well as composing for film, television, and commercials, most notably the Coca-Cola "Polar Bear" campaign. Owner of Stoutheart Entertainment and Vented Irish Records, Damon co-produced the 2011 CD release Celtic Pink Floyd. It has garnered worldwide sales and was recently CD Baby’s #5 top seller.

Beginning with violin lessons at age 3, Damon added piano, trombone, then bass guitar to his musical training. Upon receiving a scholarship to Berklee College of Music, Damon concentrated primarily on professional music and composition. Being eager to continue musical education, he moved to Los Angeles to complete the UCLA Film Scoring program.
His 5-year stint as a jingle composer began shortly after attending UCLA. Working freelance primarily for Coca-Cola, writing and producing over 50 jingles helped solidify Damon’s eclectic musical style. One of his more cinematic jingles for Coca-Cola was singled out and inducted into the United States Library of Congress.
Following jingle writing, film and TV scores comprised the majority of his musical ventures along with producing and performing in various bands in and around Los Angeles. Damon won 2 different local Emmy® Awards, one for Creative Technical Craft and one for Composition, while also becoming more prolific with filmmaking, editing, and post-production services.
Damon created Stoutheart Entertainment to channel his film and TV production work as well as advertising services. Stoutheart Entertainment’s most notable commercial client was Harley-Davidson (Glendale, CA) in which he created their “Ride All Year” commercial campaign. Adding to Stoutheart Entertainment, Vented Irish Records was created as a record label which produced and released 2 debut CD's, the indie rock band The Diviners and Celtic Pink Floyd.

Damon Stout

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