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Gabriel and Nadia's life was seemingly perfect up until the horrific news of her recent cancer diagnosis. As the stark realization takes hold of the two, they discover that there is no chance of having a family of their own. Their friends unsuccessfully try to relate to their condition and attempt to console the two, but sadly only connect in the most superficial way.


Ÿ   They both feel they have to be strong for each other, but fear the unknown and dare not communicate their innermost fears. Nadia is cautiously optimistic toward her diagnosis but not without her own anxieties. She sees Gabriel withdraw into his newly introspective world and is concerned about his mental state.


Ÿ   As the story unfolds, we learn of Gabriel's newly found obsession with the multi-verse theory, quantum physics, and the metaphysical, all culminate toward an unexpected reality: he discovers the ability to move freely throughout a stopped-time environment. He soon resigns himself to living almost exclusively in this isolated existence, believing that Nadia's tragic diagnosis cannot deteriorate any further. He sets out on journey to save Nadia at any cost.

My name is Damon Stout and I’m a two time local Emmy® Award winning filmmaker and composer living in Los Angeles. This past year has been an unbelievably difficult and emotionally challenging one. First learning of my Dad’s cancer diagnosis… then my wife… then my mom (and even our pet bird.) It has been an almost unbearable 12 months of major ups and downs punctuated by moments of unimaginable grief. As I’m sure you can image or can relate to, it can be quite crippling battling your own fears while attempting to be strong and supportive to those around you facing this disease.

All of our lives have been irrevocably changed. All priorities have understandably shifted toward healing and health, life and love... and through hope and by combating fear on a daily basis, life can resume.

As a life-long storyteller both through film and music, this 12-month period has been an unsettling creative vacuum. I’ve had no screenplay ideas, no song ideas, nor any other creative expressions for that matter. And honestly it all seemed pointless and frivolous, even selfish, to exert any energy outside of total support and optimism for others.

Write What You Know: The story idea for “The Time We’re In” finally emerged by drawing from my own experiences while combining science fiction elements. It’s a 26 minute story dealing with themes of loss, obsession, and hope.

Please visit the links below:  (examples, credits, awards, and bio)  (my production company with additional awards, credits, examples)  (examples of compositions and film scores with worldwide placement)

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