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“The Time We’re In” has approximately 20 visual effect shots (although not a sci-fi centric story) and 15 locations needed to effectively tell this story. Union talent will be sought out as much as possible as well as an experienced production crew I’ve come to use over the years. As an “auteur filmmaker” fan, and having personal/professional experience as one, I will be involved with every aspect of this production and handle most production services myself all of which will save a considerable amount of money. I have a number of projects and 10+ years under my belt in filmmaking, and I myself know the value of creative arts giving strength and support during difficult times.


And The Budget Goes To:​

  • Talent (SAG)

  • Camera, lenses, grip rentals

  • Sound equipment and personnel

  • Location fees

  • Picture and sound editing

  • Visual Effects, CGI, and practical effects (aging makeup/prosthetics)

  • Color correction

  • Score & musician fees

  • Sound and dialogue editing and mix

  • Promotion & Distribution

  • Investor Premiums


Production Rule: Pick any 2, you can't get the 3rd

Principal photography will take 6 days and will include approximately 15 locations, possibly less depending on sound-stage rental availability. Postproduction will roughly take 10-12 weeks. Editing and visual effect shots will run concurrently to save time and money, then the score and sound mix and any ADR will commence. We’re shooting for completion early 2015 as our goal is to enter the film in as many festivals around the world as possible. We are going to do our best to market and publicize the film as much as possible and by supporting this project, you're helping us accomplish that.

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